Testosterone Health Test

This simple blood test is for people who want to find out what their testosterone levels are. This can be useful for individuals with problems with infertility, erectile dysfunction or delayed puberty.

Testosterone Health Test
Testosterone Health Test

What's this test for?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone (androgen) made by the testes in males. Our assay will give you an exact level for your testosterone, we will not tell you that it is simply greater than a cut-off level. The production of testosterone is stimulated and controlled by luteinising hormone (LH), which is manufactured in the pituitary gland. In men, testosterone stimulates the enlargement of the penis, growth of body hair, muscle development, and a deepening voice.

It is present in large amounts in boys during puberty and in men to regulate the sex drive and maintain muscle mass. In women, testosterone levels are about one tenth of those in men. Testosterone is produced both in small amounts from the ovary and by conversion from other weak androgens in the body. This test measures the total testosterone in the blood, it is usually done in conjunction with an SHBG, which carries inactive testosterone, to calculate a free androgen index that shows the amount of active testosterone in the blood.

What will this test kit find out?

We can test for a range of different allergies and health markers, using one of our home-testing kits. In this kit, you'll be able to test:

Hormones - men

Male hormone level

  • Testosterone

How to use this test kit

Prepare to take your sample


Once you've got your kit, make sure to read all of the enclosed instructions - they'll make sure you easily and safely get the best sample possible.

Take your sample according to the instructions


Time to take your sample. All of our health tests come with the exact tools you need to take a sample in the comfort of your own home.

Send your sample to us and we'll get it analysed


Put your sample in the prepaid envelope provided and pop it in the post. Now you can sit back and relax - we'll let you know when your results are ready.

Using our blood sample kit

What's in this test kit?

Sterile swabs
Safety lancets
Prepaid return envelope
Blood collection instructions
Blood collection bottle
  • Sterile swabs

  • Safety lancets

  • Plasters

  • Prepaid return envelope

  • Blood collection instructions

  • Blood collection bottle


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Testosterone Health Test