Health & wellbeing

Our range of home to lab test kits enable you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

Amenorrhoea Profile Health Test

Amenorrhoea Test

If you're concerned about fertility, this test will help determine if you have amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation) and help you understand more about your body.

Biochemistry, Full Blood Count and Cholesterol Test

Biochemistry, Full Blood Count & Cholesterol Test

This test makes sure your kidneys are working efficiently and effectively. We also measure Lipid levels as well as carrying out a Full Blood Count

Bone Profile Health Test

Bone Profile Test

Our Bone profile test gives an indication of bone metabolism rates and the risk of gout.

Candida Test IgG IgM IgA Antibodies

Candida Test IgG IgM IgA Antibodies

The Candida Home To Lab Test is a simple home to lab combined test for the detection of elevated levels of IgM, IgG and IgA antibodies to Candida

Diabetes HbA1c Health Test

Diabetes HbA1c Health Test

The diabetes HbA1c health test is a simple blood test used to help diagnose diabetes and assess sugar control through identifying blood sugar levels over the previous 4-8 weeks.

Full Blood Count Test

Full Blood Count Test

The full blood count (FBC) provides important information about the kinds and numbers of cells in the blood: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Abnormalities in any of these types of cells can indicate the presence of important medical disorders.

Gastric Ulcer Helicobacter Pylori Antibodies Test

Gastric Ulcer Test

Our Gastric Ulcer Helicobacter pylori health test is ideal for those who suffer from vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain typical symptoms of a gastric ulcer.

Insulin Health Test

Insulin Test

This test checks insulin levels in the blood to test for the risk of diabetes.

Kidney Function Health Test

Kidney Function Test

Our kidney function test help to find out whether your kidneys are working normally, and to monitor treatment of kidney disease or to monitor kidney function while you are on certain drugs.

Leaky Gut Health Test

Leaky Gut Test

How healthy is your gut? Gut Permeability or a healthy gut lining allows some molecules to pass into the bloodstream such as vitamins, minerals and digested foods. This simple test checks for general gut health.

Lipid Profile and Cholesterol Health Test

Cholesterol Test

Our Lipid Profile and Cholesterol test is a total cholesterol test which measures any abnormalities in the levels of triglycerides, LDL and HDL cholesterol as well as determining your risk of heart disease based on your ratio of HDL.

Liver Function Health Test

Liver Function Test

Liver function tests are used to help determine the cause of symptoms such as jaundice that may be due to liver disease. They are also used to screen for potential liver damage, for example in alcoholics or people exposed to the hepatitis virus, and also to monitor changes in abnormal liver function.