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Medical conditions

Our food boxes are packed full of delicious ingredients and have been designed specifically to help you manage your symptoms and medical conditions.

Diabetes Food Box

Diabetes Food Box

A delicious diabetes subscription health food box to help you get started or to maintain eating the right foods with a diabetes diagnosis. (2 weeks supply)

Foods for Candida and Yeast Overgrowth

Candida Food Box


A nutritious candida health Food Box to aid the healing process for those with yeast intolerance or candida. 

Foods for Thyroid Health

Thyroid Food Box

Our thyroid health box is the perfect accompaniment to your thyroid health journey. We've picked some essential ingredients to help you get started.

Kidney Function Food Box

Kidney Function Food Box

Improve your kidney health with these nourishing foods. Our kidney Food Box is the perfect starter or maintenance pack when looking to enhance your kidney function (2 week supply).

Liver Function Health Food Box

Liver Function Food Box

Our liver function health box is the perfect starter and or maintenance pack to help rejuvenate your liver through your diet.