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Small healthy changes to your diet

Small healthy changes to your diet can lead to long term results

One of the most challenging things in life, is changing who we are. We all know we need to be healthier, lose weight, gain weight, watch our cholesterol and generally gain greater wellbeing. At times this can be the most daunting thing in the world. However it really can be done. Life is about finding the best possible equilibrium for us as individuals and going after that. Tweaking our lifestyle here and there can make some of the greatest changes to our life and allow us to reach some of those healthier lifestyle goals we’re striving for and in turn can help you to gain some of the greatest wins in your objective for more self love.
I always tell clients and customers that I see that the most important thing is to make those small incremental changes and long term they will provide the greatest wins. I had a customer pop into my shop yesterday asking for some simple advice. He’d just been to see his GP for his WellMan test results and although he got a clean bill of health, his doctor had asked him to review his diet and try to eat healthier. Daunted by this statement he came to see us and we got into the most fabulous conversation about health and wellness. Having listened to him about his diet, we were able to discuss how he could tweak what he was eating a little bit here and there and benefit his health long term. As someone who didn’t eat any fruit or vegetables and pretty much lived on ready meals, we discussed how he could add some of the good stuff into his life.
One of the greatest statements this gentleman left me with was that –‘It’s so hard to get good honest advise about how to eat better without being bombarded.” My advise to him was very simply to eat as he was but to add the following into his normal every day meals. He ate porridge every day for breakfast so I told him to continue to do so, but to add some yummy delicious natural Goji Berries into his porridge along with Pumpkin Seeds and Chopped Nuts. A great way to start his day making his breakfast balanced with a good level of carbohydrates, protein and healthy seeds. Mid afternoon he’d normally have a jam sandwich and instead we discussed opting for slight changes and using some almond butter on his wholemeal bread instead. I also recommended a good healthy multivitamin to him along with some bone support supplements for the creaking bones he mentioned to me.
Small changes but long term big results and this is a lesson to all of us that we can make the changes we need to make at the rate that we can handle and with this, we can see some great results. Life truly is about balance and it’s important that we enjoy how we live daily. You can still live your life as you want to and at the same time make the small important tweaks to help you live the healthier life you’d like to live. I know I do that every day and it’s well worth it.