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Your Aftercare

At Foods You Can, our aim is to help you to get better and to empower you to take the right steps to a continued or healthier lifestyle. Our dedicated nutritionist and health coaches are on hand to guide you on what to eat, when to eat it, how to tweak your diet and also how to get more active if indeed this is something you need.

Our bespoke sister site is an online portal dedicated to helping you to understand the foods that you should eat based on your food preferences and needs. 

We believe in giving you the tools that you need to take control and to optimise your health to get the best out of your wellbeing.  We will do our utmost to help you find greater wellness and set you up on a road to reach your ideal lifestyle goals.


More about our medical and health practitioners

Our Medical Advisory Doctors  

Asif Munaf -is a Medical Doctor with the NHS, he also has a masters in Public Health.  He is also a qualified personal trainer and is currently studying for an MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the University of Leeds.  

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Dr Munaf is also the founder of healthy smoothie business Date Smoothies and a huge advocate of healthy eating and leading a functional lifestyle. 


Our Lead Nutritionist 

Fiona Gibson has over 20 years experience of helping people to reach their lifestyle goals.  

An early pioneer in developing and sourcing specialist foods for people with food allergies Fiona was instrumental in bringing food allergy and intolerance testing to the British high street.

fiona Gibson

A practitioner in Naturopathic Nutrition, Fiona advocates a holistic approach to treating people suffering from a wide range of symptoms that can manifest on a physical, mental and emotional level. She has a Diploma in Dietary Healing, a Practitioner’s Diploma in Natural Nutrition as well as a certificate in Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy. i master.

Passionate about teaching people to take responsibility for their own health and direction, Fiona has, over the years, also built a reputation as a motivational speaker.


Our health coaches

We have a number of health coaches who support our lead nutritionist and are on hand to guide you day to day on help and advise when it comes to changing your lifestyle, what to eating based on your health test results, help on basic exercising, fitness and much more for wellbeing.  Our coaches are available via our online chat, email and over the phone.